December 2020 Updates

First published on: 1st December 2020

These are the updates applied to DC2 websites during December 2020.

Worthers CMS

The detailed page for each person includes the title, email and phone number (if that record has the correct permissions)

Extensible Database (XDB)

Following last months release of the XDB we have updated the field elements so they are not quite so strict - text field now allows non-alphanumeric characters (&$@!) etc.

Other Minor Updates / Fixes

Arrows re-added to the drop down menus to signify where drop downs appear.

We've updated the Cookie Notice as there were sometimes conflicts with the Global Office cookie, causing people to become logged out of Global Office.

Facebook widget has been updated to the latest version

When copying a page, the tag input field will show for the duplicated page

Page last updated: 14th December 2020 12:48 PM