A platform for Diocese and Cathedral Websites
A platform for Diocese and Cathedral Websites
Join the association working together to collaboratively develop a powerful website platform

About DC2

The Diocesan and Cathedrals Digital Community is an unincorporated association for and run by dioceses and cathedrals of the
Church of England. It allows dioceses and cathedrals to work together to create, evolve and develop a common web platform,
by sharing knowledge and resources.

While the look and feel of their websites, their branding, and their initiatives might differ from diocese to diocese, cathedral to cathedral, there are consistencies in functionality and infrastructure requirements; by discovering, discussing, and funding these shared goals the community can operate as good stewards of finance by commissioning and paying for functionality to be scoped and built once rather than multiple times. The association is democratic with each Member (diocese or cathedral) nominating a Representative to vote on their behalf, and the association conducts itself in accordance with their agreed set of rules.

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