Access Control

You might want the website to just be updated by yourself and a few trusted colleagues who will have access to Global Office. With Church Edit each of these users can have full access to the website to make changes whenever one is required.

However, you may prefer to allow certain people to update limited areas of the website. Church Edit has powerful access control so that you can grant access just to update certain areas.

These may be particularly features such as the calendar or photo albums but is most likely going to be the web page content that you create.

You can grant access to individual sections within the website so that users can only update the areas you have allowed them to. Additionally you can set if a user is allowed to publish changes straight away or if it should approved before it goes live on the website.

Should someone leave the Diocese or Cathedral then you can instantly remove or adjust their access to Global Office.

Page last updated: Monday 28th September 2020 8:09 PM
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