With the amount of pages that a Diocese and Cathedral website have, search is key functionality. Church Edit has a built in search engine and we will continue to work with DC2 members to enhance the search algorithms as necessary.

As well as organic searches, we have also developed a few extra features to help people find the right content on your website. 

First Page

If there is a page that you always want to appear first in a search then Church Edit now has a feature to ensure that certain words or phases always return a certain page at the top of the search results. 

I can't find it

If someone is trying to find a page or a file and can't find it then they can fill in a form on your website to alert you. If the subject is something you have on your website then you will be able to see if the document/page has the right keywords in or if it needs to be given a First Page status.  

Search history

Within Global Office, your team will be able to see what has been searched for over each month.



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