Extensible Database (XDB)

We were asked to create a module for Vacancies but instead proposed developing a solution which whilst perfect for Vacancies, could also be used for other areas of the site, giving it greater flexibility and possibilities. This has been developed as the Extensible Database (XDB) and is now released for all Dioceses and Cathedrals.

Whilst the existing Web Page function works perfect for large amounts of web pages (take the News section for example), the XDB is perfect when your Diocese or Cathedral has a large number of records with similar data fields. 

With the XDB, you will be able to create a section of the site similar to a unique database and then create custom fields for that database. This section will then appear in the drop down menu of your website.  A Vacancy Module created within the XDB might have fields including Parish Profile, Application Deadline, Job Description, Description etc.

With the XDB all common data types can be added:

  • Text
  • Multiline (Plain Text or Church Edit Web Editor)
  • Files (this could be a single file field or multi file fields)
  • Address
  • Date (with optional Time)
  • Email
  • Links
  • Multiple Choice

Each XDB has it's own editor permissions so you can give people within your Diocese or Cathedral access to update a particular XDB. This has the same permissions as Web Page so access can be Author (access to edit / create records but approval needed before it goes live) and Editor (Can publish and approve records).

XDB's are added within the Settings area of Global Office. From Settings, the fields can be added and the XDB customised.  Making changes to the XDB will be within the Features area of Global Office. 

All master users of Global Office will have access to Settings and to each XDB.

We hope you see the benefits of the XDB and welcome any feedback or suggestions. See the video tutorials for further guidance on the Extensible Database (XDB)

Page last updated: Friday 29th January 2021 12:29 PM
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