January 2021 Updates

First published on: 7th January 2021

These are the updates applied to DC2 websites during January 2021.

Worthers CMS

For Dioceses that have the Worthers CMS integration we have made the following changes:

  • The summary listing showing search results now show the email and telephone rather than the postal address
  • Formatting of the person page has been tidied up
  • The email address on the person page is now a hyperlink
  • Fixed bug where toggle setting is not saved in Global Office when customising options 
  • Fixed bug where image for each person was still being displayed even when setting turned off

Website Search

A bug in Global Office was showing searches from previous months within the current month view. This has been fixed.

We've released the 'I Can't Find It' (great idea Ely!). Turn this on in Settings > Search and a button will be displayed when someone searches on your website. If they can't find what they are looking for then they can submit a form to let you know. Form responses are shown in Settings > Search. 

I can't find it form

Global Office Search

For Global Office Master Users, there is now a search facility within Global Office. This appears at the top right of the Dashboard.


We've added autoresponder functionality, so that users who fill in a form can get a confirmation email.  To set this up, edit a form and turn on the autoresponder, personalising the email that is sent. You will also need to select which of the fields is the recipients email address.

Page Approvals

A bug has been fixed so when a page is approved by a user, it checks to ensure that the page name is unique (appends a number at the end of the page URL if the page name exists)

Minor Updates

File/Document Uploads will now retain their name rather than been renamed with a number. 

Selecting a date in the calendar now uses our latest date selector. Calendar Selector

Page last updated: 1st February 2021 8:29 AM